Our Nursery

A home from home for your baby or toddler

Toddlers on the move

Our toddlers are up on their feet moving around exploring and finding things that interest them. We have lots of different toys each day that they can choose to play with and we will encourage their increased mobility in a safe environment with games and equipment that will improve their gross motor skills such as scooters and tricycles outdoors and large building blocks indoors. We simultaneously develop fine motor skills with activities such as craft and mark making and threading.

Toddlers are learning to communicate with others using rapidly developing language and learning important social skills such as sharing, taking turns and how to be caring towards others. They’re building independence, forming early friendships, chatting to adults and other children and enjoying sharing experiences.  Our team will encourage the development of these social skills and support building their quickly developing language skills through conversation, songs, rhymes and games.

Culham toddlers playing and being active